The importance of a contract

Posted on by Gavin

I have touched on the importance of putting a contact in place before. It is such an important part of the job, I thought it would be worth going over some of the main points again.

1. Take your time and get together a detailed estimate/quote in writing (the main difference between a quotation and an estimate is that: a quotation is an agreed fixed price. an estimate is approximate price that may change).

2. Get your estimate/quote agreed in writing (either by a signed letter, email or purchase order).

3. If the quote changed mid-job, get it agreed in writing

4. Its always worth getting a set of terms and conditions written up. It is important that your customer reads your terms and conditions and agrees to them before starting works.

5. Although not essential, it is always worth taking before and after photos. If not to be used in the event of a dispute, customers always like to see examples of your previous work.


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